Celebrating Australia Day in Sydney

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Happy Australia Day!


Sydney is always an exciting city to be in, there’s no doubt about that. But the start of the new year is a particularly amazing time as the city is jam-packed with cool events and activities. Today, however, we’ll be talking about one holiday that all Australians hold near and dear to their hearts – Australia Day!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 26, 2017 – this is when the celebrations go down! It’s one of our favourite holidays here at The Macleay Hotel, so we want to share some of our excitement with you. First, we’ll delve into a bit of history on how the holiday came to be, and then we’ll get into the good stuff – celebrating!

History of Australian Day 

January 26 marks the day that the First Fleet of 11 ships carry convicts arrived from Great Britain in 1788 – because, yes, Australia had a bit of a rough start. While the day marks the technical birth of Australia, today, celebrations revolve around modern Australia. The diverse communities, breathtaking landscapes and amazing achievements. It’s a public holiday, so Australians can enjoy the day off barbecuing and spending time with friends and family.

Communities throughout Australia hold their own events to recognise the holiday, but almost all of Australia will be lit up in fireworks, that’s for sure! If you’re a tourist, don’t worry, you can still partake in festivities!

Come feel the Australian pride this January!Come feel the Australian pride this January!

How should you celebrate?

Do all the most Australian activities you can think of! But just in case you can’t think of any, we’re here to help. Check out some of these quintessential Aussie activities that you have to do to celebrate Australia Day:

  • Surf the waves at Bondi Beach: What is more Australian than surfing? Oh yeah – surfing at Bondi Beach! Australia’s waves are well known around the world, attracting surfers from all over. These azure waters and white sand beach are equally famous, so even if you don’t want to surf, you can enjoy the beach life nonetheless.
  • Eat Vegemite: This spread is a classic Australian treat. It’s made from leftover brewer’s yeast extract as well as some vegetable and spice additives, so we get it if this doesn’t sound totally appetising to you. Give it a try, and then go enjoy a full meal at one of Sydney’s amazing restaurants.
  • Hold a koala bear: Head to Taronga Zoo and you’ll find some koalas to cuddle in no time. Of course, you have to enjoy the rest of the zoo! There are plenty of animals to get excited about as well as a couple of animal shows that promise nothing but cute entertainment!
  • Cruise the harbour: The Sydney Harbour is one of the city’s most famous spots. Take a cruise and you’ll get to take in some of the city’s most iconic landmarks including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Once you’re done viewing the city that way, you can take a hike up the bridge and get a whole new perspective on the city.
  • Enjoy the fireworks show: You’ll feel like a proud Australian yourself after you take on these activities and end the day with a stunning fireworks show.

Now that’s how you make the most out of a public holiday here in Sydney! Stay with us here at The Macleay Hotel. We have a room waiting for you that has beautiful views of the harbour and city skyline.