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Sydney Opera House at Night located near The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point
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Located near The Macleay Hotel Potts Point, the Sydney Opera House

If you like a good view, then here's a couple places you need to check out!


Do you live for the moments that absolutely take your breath away? There is nothing quite like the experience of a sweeping view of a city from above to really leave you speechless.

Sydney is full of scenic spots that are ready to make your jaw drop. Then, when you’re done, you can head back to The Macleay Hotel for a night filled with sweet dreams located just outside the city, with an amazing harbour view of its own. Check out where you can get the best view of the cityscape below.

Sydney Harbour Bridge 

We have to assume if you love a good view that means you don’t mind heights. If this is the case, then you have to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This will be one of the more unique viewing experiences you’ll likely ever encounter. Through BridgeClimb, you can actually walk all the way up to the summit of the bridge. The whole way up a tour guide will give you stories about the history of the 134-metre high bridge. It’s recommended that you have a good pair of shoes and sunglasses so you can have an untarnished experience.

Dare a climb to the top for an incredible view. Dare a climb to the top for an incredible view.

Cafe Sydney

Next up we have our quintessential rooftop bar outing. Cafe Sydney delights patrons from the top of the Customs House, where you’ll soak up the view of the harbour as you soak in the sun and cocktails. This contemporary restaurant is one of Sydney’s famed dining destinations, and it’s perfect for both big groups and intimate dates. Add this restaurant to your go-to food itinerary of the scrumptious restaurants around Potts Point and you’ll be sure to experience the perfect taste of the city.

The Sydney Observatory 

Naturally one would expect that an observatory has to have an amazing view, and the Sydney Observatory doesn’t disappoint! Established in 1858, the building was designed for scientists who would go on to make significant astronomical and meteorological studies in Australia. But the view over the sparkling bay and city skyline doesn’t hurt either with the spot offering tours and solar viewing for visitors. The best time to go is during the evening, right before sunset so you can watch the city start to twinkle with lights before heading inside to do some star gazing.

There's lots to observe at the Observatory. There’s lots to observe at the Observatory.

The ferry

A cruise around the harbour is a perfectly serene way to explore the city centre. Many of the ferry tours offered in Sydney take you around all the little nooks and crannies so you’ll get to experience the city the way real locals do. And if you’re only staying for a short while then you’ll walk away feeling like you really made the most of your trip. Try making a reservation for sunset and take a deep breath as you watch the colours of the city soften with the disappearing sun.

Gap Park

For those that are going to be doing some hiking and dig a good natural view, then Gap Park should be one of your stops. Here, you’ll get to walk along the cliffside and gaze out over the ocean. Even dare to get close to the edge and have a seat. Many could spend hours just watching the waves roll in and crash against the rocky walls below. At the highest points of the trek, you’ll also be able to see the skyline of the city. This spot excellently captures the essence of Sydney as you can take in sights made by both man and nature.

The aerial view of the city will undoubtedly steal your breath. The aerial view of the city will undoubtedly steal your breath.

From the sky

But you’re in Sydney, so you have to go big or go home, what does that mean? Take to the skies! The city offers several helicopter rides that give you a stunning aerial view of all the iconic Sydney landmarks and crystal clear oceans lapping up the golden beaches. This unobstructed sightseeing experience is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

The Macleay Hotel 

Once you’ve had your fill of all the amazing scenery Sydney has to offer, return to your comfy cosy suite at the Macleay. Because, don’t forget, one of the best views in town is right from the hotel itself. Its location in the Potts Point neighbourhood allows you to take in the amazing cityscape from the comforts of your room. Stay in your bathrobe and order room service as you watch the sun set over the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the city. Ensure you have a room and book today!

If you love a good view, then you have to stay at the Macleay Hotel. If you love a good view, then you have to stay at the Macleay Hotel.