Sydney’s sweetest attraction opens in the Royal Botanic Gardens

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Here we combine two of our favourite things: Sydney and chocolate!

Here we combine two of our favourite things: Sydney and chocolate!


If you’ve ever oozed over the wonder that is the set of ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ – or ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ because let’s be honest, both movies were simply delicious – then you’re going to love Sydney’s yummiest attraction: Sweet Addiction.

Part of the allure of the chocolate factory is that it’s essentially a jungle of sweet treats, but what if you could enter an actual chocolate rainforest? Before you start to drool too much, we’re not talking about tree made of milk chocolate – this is the real botanic transformation of your favourite desserts.

If you have a serious addiction to chocolate – and we know you do – then you simply must stop by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and check out this exhibit. Best of all, it’s located close by your stay here at The Macleay Hotel, so you can get at all the chocolaty goodness nice and quick!

The tour also includes interactive chocolate-themed events.

Life before the candy wrapper

You probably don’t think about it as you indulge in your favourite bars, but chocolate has a life before the wrapper. Your curiosity begins with a tropical exploration in the horticultural exhibition space in The Calyx. However, once you step into this exhibit, you’ll quickly forget you’re in Sydney as it transports you to a South American rainforest.

This self-guided tour will teach you all about how chocolate is made – because even though there is no such thing as a chocolate tree, the cocoa bean does, in fact, come from a tree! You’ll get to experience these trees and the pods that house the beans first-hand before journeying on to the chocolate plantations and a Lindt chocolate mill. The tour also includes interactive chocolate-themed events – and since everyone loves to interact with chocolate who could say no to a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens after that?

You'll absolutely drool over this sweet exhibit! You’ll absolutely drool over this sweet exhibit!

Fun chocolate facts 

You’ll learn all about the little intricacies of chocolate and how it is made, but we’ll satiate your craving and share some of our favourite facts about everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure right here, right now!

  • One pound of chocolate is made from 400 cocoa beans.
  • When moderated, chocolate can be a part of a heart-healthy diet – its saturated fat won’t raise cholesterol.
  • Ancient Mayans valued this bean so much, they used it as currency – it was even valued more than gold dust. If only we could be so lucky!

Other delicious attractions in Sydney

Personally, we think some of the best desserts in Sydney are found right here in Potts Point – just walking distance away from your suite! While there are tons of amazing food places to eat, with equally tasty dessert menus, we think it is an absolute must to stop at Good Times Artisan Ice Cream. Just the ‘word’ artisan indicates that your taste buds are in for a treat. Ever considered putting bacon in your ice cream? Well these guys did! Come give it a try for yourself, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Continue to explore some of the city’s delicious destinations. Next, stop by the candy shop Sticky located in the Rocks Centre. Here, you’ll find rows after rows of some of the most colourful rock candy you’ve ever seen! It’s also homemade right on site, so you can continue to expand your candy making knowledge.

Enjoy an afternoon at Sydney’s most delicious attractions and we know you’ll have the sweetest dreams back in your bed at The Macleay Hotel. Book your stay with us today and enjoy!