Aussie slang: Learn how to talk the talk

Australia Day celebrations near The Macleay
Celebrating Australia Day in Sydney
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Don't be confused with these Aussie slang words.

For the most part, English speaking countries are easy to understand. Of course, there are the accent variations, but the overall words are all the same – though some accents we tend to swoon over more than others.

Australians are some of those people who have swoon-worthy accents (if we do say so ourselves). However, we'll also be the first to admit that some of the slang can be a little confusing. If you're from another part of the world, some of our common phrases and words have different meanings. Say them wrong, and you might find yourself a little embarrassed! 

Never fear, we have your back! Before you step foot in Sydney, just brush up on a couple of these words so you can communicate with ease! And while you're at it, don't forget to book your stay with us at The Macleay Hotel.

Arvo = Afternoon: This is an important one as it can clearly make or break some of your plans. And get ready to hear this one a lot, it's quite common. 

Beauty = Fantastic: You can see how this one might be taken the wrong way in some situations. Unfortunately, if an Aussie says beauty, they probably aren't talking about your looks!

Come again mate?Come again, mate?

Bloody = Very: Okay, you probably already knew this one, but once you start saying it, we doubt you'll be able to stop. It's just so bloody fun. 

Buckley's chance = No chance: Sorry mate, if someone say's you've got Buckley's chance, it's not a good thing.

Chockers = Very full: If an Aussie says that the bar you're trying to get into is 'chocka' it's probably too full for you to try to get in, so try another! 

Servo = Gas station: Another important one, especially if you decided to rent a car. If you're looking for a petrol station, people will point you in the direction of a servo. 

Sweet as = Awesome: Don't be fooled, if someone ends an exclamation with 'as' you might think they're going to say more. They are not. 

Ute = pickup truck: You'll probably use a ute to get around at some point or another, so this will be a good one for you to know. 

Thong = sandal: Sandal, not underwear.

If you have any more trouble understanding Aussies, just ask one of our friendly staff members here at The Macleay Hotel. We're happy to help you decipher the lingo!