Sailing around the Sydney Harbour

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If you're going on holiday in Sydney, you can't miss out on sailing in the harbour.


Ahoy! You know, Sydney is famous for its idyllic water conditions that attract surfers from all over the world. But you know what else? Those same waters are also excellent for sailing aficionados – specifically Sydney Harbour.

Australian waters are perfect for leisure voyages or more exciting regatta races. And when you’re looking out your window in your Macleay Hotel suite, you’ll get the perfect view of the harbour and all the white sails swirling about. Seeing this, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble wanting to get out there yourself. Come on, we’ll show you!

Sailing in Sydney 

Sailing around Sydney Harbour is no doubt one of the more unique ways to tour the city. You’re in control of where the cruise goes – and this harbour is filled with amazing little nooks and crannies of which you won’t get to see via every other cruise. Sail under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and wave at the people climbing to the summit and then cruise on over to the Opera House for front row seats. This area also has a couple of little islands you can check out, most notably is UNESCO world-heritage site Cockatoo Island.

Zip on over to Darling Harbour, it is not only the ideal place for you to spend the day by the waterfront (and it’s a mere 5.4km away from The Macleay Hotel), but it’s also the ideal port to set sail from!

The weather and overall conditions make it impossible to predict a winner.

The 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 

This year marks the 72nd year of this epic 628 nautical mile race. On December 26, 100 yachts will brave the elements of the open sea to take the year’s title, and there are plenty of impressive contenders. Last year’s winner, Paul Clitheroe and his boat Balance return to take on record holder and two-time winner Mark Richards and his Wild Oats XI, a man who hasn’t missed a race since 2005.

It’s also an exciting year because Adrienne Cahalan has entered as the first female to mark the 25 Hobarts milestone. The weather and overall conditions make it impossible to predict a winner, but it’ll be exciting to say you were there to kick off this race! Once out of sight, you can keep up with all the action via a live broadcast on the Seven Network. Pick a boat name that you like and cheer them on, it’s all in good fun.

Come see what makes sailing in Sydney so exciting.Come see what makes sailing in Sydney so exciting.

Sailing school

Of course, if you aren’t already a proficient sailor, but want to learn the ropes (literally), you should sign up for some sailing lessons during your stay. It’s just about as quintessential as learning how to surf! Australians are always eager to show off their skills, so you’ll be in very capable hands. Plus, now you’ll be able to say that you sailed those famous waters that so many other sailors are just dying to test themselves on.

But if you’re not interested in learning starboard from port sides, but still want to feel the wind through your hair and the salty spray of the sea on your skin, you can always opt for a sailing cruise! Sydney makes sailing fun for tourists, so you can also participate in aquatic activities like sailing treasure hunts – there are plenty of ways to experience the wonder of Sydney waters.

Book your stay with us at The Macleay Hotel so you have a place to rest your weary sea legs once you come ashore!