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Here's what you can expect from Sydney's fashion.


What’s the most exciting part about being on holiday for you? For some, it’s the time away from home, the thrill of visiting a new city. A big part of the excitement for these people is the sightseeing – but the sights aren’t always the iconic landmarks that Sydney is famous for. Instead, the real views are the regional fashions.

Fashion fanatics are always keeping a sharp eye on other countries for additions to include into their own wardrobes. A good sense of fashion is the ultimate souvenir since you can incorporate the culture of a new country into your everyday life. Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome shopping centres and markets right near your stay at The Macleay Hotel – check out what you can expect with Australian fashion and how you can get the look yourself.

Australians can’t walk around in wetsuits all the time!

The Sydney look 

Sydney is famous for its laid back, surf culture, so when many think of fashion from Down Under, they think board shorts and bikinis. But there’s much more to the fashion scene here – Australians can’t walk around in wetsuits all the time!

The style here is a mix of casual and prepster – but everything tends to have a bit of an edge. You’ll find a flannel tucked into a pleated skirt or pantsuits with bold prints or a print T-shirt with a miniskirt and sneakers. You’ll instantly see what we mean when you hit the streets in Sydney. It’s such a unique fashion that you shouldn’t have a problem mixing in your own style. But make no mistake, this city isn’t all about their kicks, they sport nice dress shoes and high heels on a night out – so be prepared!

Sydney fashion is a clever mix of prep and punk - it's quite edgy! Sydney fashion is a clever mix of prep and punk – it’s quite edgy!

Where you can get the look 

Like we said earlier, there’s tons of great shopping right around The Macleay Hotel! Queen Victoria Building should be your first stop – and with three floors of nothing but fashion, jewellery and beauty supplies, you won’t be disappointed. After you can take a stroll through Pitt Street Mall, the pedestrian mall filled with Australian and global brands alike. Oxford Street and Glenmore Road is the it-centre of Australian shopping. You can peruse these streets for their other amazing labels, but this intersection is where you’ll find quintessential Australian labels.

So get ready to take in all the fashion, because you know what they say – shop until you drop! And once you drop, be sure it’s right into a bed in your suite at The Macleay Hotel. Book your stay today!