How to fully enjoy Bondi Beach

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Come see why everyone loves Bondi Beach.


One of the greatest parts about visiting Sydney is its incredibly close proximity to the famous azure waters of Bondi Beach. In fact, it’s less than 20 minutes and seven kilometres away from your cosy accommodation at The Macleay Hotel. It’s definitely something you need to do on your holiday to this amazing part of Australia. But know that you’re not just going to any old beach – sandcastles and sunbathing aren’t going to cut it here, oh no!

Before you head to Bondi Beach, you need to have a couple of go-to activities in mind in order to make the most of the experience. And trust us, there’s plenty to do just check it out.

Bondi Baths 

Tourists and locals alike have been enjoying the Bondi Baths for over 100 years now. This is the shoreside pool that is 50 metres long – that’s the size of an Olympic pool – and is open to the public. In the winter, this pool is used for the Bondi Icebergs, the winter swimming club that has been swimming since 1929.

Don't just waste your day just laying down!Don’t just waste your day just laying down!

The Bondi To Coogee Walk 

Care to go for a walk? The Bondi To Coogee Walk isn’t your average stroll on the beach – it’s six kilometres packed with some of the most stunning views on the Australian East Coast. You’ll stroll past the famous beaches, but also pristine parks, romantic cliff sides and creature-filled rock pools. Along the way you can shop, picnic or stop and snorkel – there’s so much to do, no one will get bored.

Good fun for the whole family.

Surf the waves

Bondi waves are famous across the world and as such you can’t miss riding them! There’s waves for every skill level and classes for those who have no idea where to begin, but want to try. Of course, if some of the kids are too young for the big water, you can always partake in some boogie boarding – that’s just good fun for the whole family!

Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is the world’s largest annual outdoor sculpture exhibition. It’s been running 20 years strong and leads visitors on a coastal walk featuring stunning sand sculptures from Australian artists. It usually runs in October or November, but even if you aren’t there during that time frame, you can always catch a sculptor practising. Even try your own luck at creating a sand masterpiece!

If you haven’t got enough of the water but need to head back, don’t worry, The Macleay Hotel has an outdoor pool to hold you over until you can return to the ocean! Make a reservation with us today, if you haven’t booked already!