Cook up a storm with Sydney’s best cooking classes

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Love cooking? Then try some of these classes on your trip to Sydney!

Love cooking? Then try some of these classes on your trip to Sydney!

What's cooking in Sydney? If you've been to all the trendiest restaurants in the city, then you're probably looking for something new. So how about cooking some meals for yourself? 

Sydney has some of the zaniest restaurants in the world, but it also has some of the best cooking schools! Here are some of the city's best classes for you to sample that are not far from the doorstep of the Macleay Hotel

Sydney Seafood School 

Seafood is practically synonymous with Sydney, so why not take up a course that teaches you how to dish some fish? The Sydney Seafood School is located right in the Fish Market – an 11 minute drive from the Macleay Hotel. You'll get hands-on cooking sessions in small groups of four to six people, giving the instructor more time to work with you when you need it. Of course, all classes include a seafood meal with wine tasting and you'll get a Sydney Seafood School apron and recipe kit to take home with you! 

Classes with Simon Johnson 

In case you didn't know, Simon Johnson is a big name in Australia! He has been creating unique cuisine since the early 90s. Now, Simon works to impart his culinary wisdom onto all the willing foodies in his Talk, Eat, Drink sessions. You'll get to learn about how to cook everything from Italian feasts, through to making a meal from the basics in your pantry. His classes are located just a 12 minute drive from the hotel. 

Salt Meats Cheese 

Drool. Salt, meat and cheese, those are basically the three main ingredients that every good meal needs, if you ask us. Head on over to the restaurant in the Circular Quay (just nine minutes away) and get ready for a variety of different courses. Love a good burger? Sign up for the burger workshop! Love cheese? Then the mozzarella classes are for you. Want to know more about Italian cuisine in general? Cook your way through the regional courses which take you around Italy's most popular destinations. 

Kimberly Chocolates workshops

Don't worry, we won't let you leave without giving you a dessert making course – and the Kimberly Chocolates sweets making workshops are the go-to here. If you've ever wondered how your favourite indulgences are made, then sign up for this sweet class. You'll learn the history of chocolate, the difference between milk, dark and white and then make your own. All that isn't eaten is yours to take home with you – if it will last the 15 minute drive home, that is. 

Feeling full after all that eating? Head on back to your suite at the Macleay Hotel. If you aren't completely full yet, feel free to order up some room service – you've been cooking all day long, so you deserve someone to serve you, after all.