Weird and wonderful things to eat in Sydney

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Do you have adventurous taste buds? Test them out at these Sydney eateries!

Do you have adventurous taste buds? Test them out at these Sydney eateries!

Would you consider yourself to be an adventurous eater? Well, if you're not then you better start trying new things – Sydney is home of some pretty strange concoctions! But visiting a new country is all about trying new things, so loosen your belt buckle and plug your nose if you have to, these weird tasty treats are worth it! 

If you're headed on holiday Down Under, you have to expand your palette with some of these outrageous (but delicious) foods. 

Bertoni Cafe's Lasagne Burger 

We'll start you off fairly easy here, as everyone can get on board with lasagne. But things get a little weirder when you turn it into a burger! Bertoni Cafe decided it would be a good idea to crumb and fry two slabs of house-made lasagne to make a bun, then slap them around a wagyu patty with stringy mozzarella and their special Italian sauce. And you know what? It was a good idea – a brilliant idea even. 

Efendy's lamb testicles 

Okay, so we may have taken a quick leap from a cuisine that was pretty mild to this outrageous suggestion, but you have to trust us. Located in Sommerville Point, Efendy Restaurant challenges their diners to consume the unique Turkish treat. They sometimes serve the lamb testicles with garlic yoghurt and fries. Close your eyes, and just give it a try – it's not as bad as you think it's going to be. 

Baylato's Dessert Taco 

Let's cool things off with a weird concoction that we think everyone can get around, the dessert taco. Thanks to Baylato, there's no better way to finish off a Taco Tuesday than with a dessert taco. This is a waffle taco-shaped cone shell filled with gelato and sweet toppings of your choosing. 

Once you've had your fill of all the delicious treats in Sydney, come on back to us at the Macleay Hotel and tuck yourself into bed. We'll make sure it's all made up so you can drift off and have the sweetest of dreams! Book your room today.