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You can have fun in Sydney even when it rains.

You can have fun in Sydney even when it rains.


So, you’ve had this amazing trip to Sydney planned almost all year. You’ve been looking forward to all the classic tourist attractions like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, but you’re probably equally excited for the good food and wine. Some down time in your suite at The Macleay Hotel is always nice, but you’re ready for that sunshine!

Truly, a trip to Sydney sounded like the perfect getaway! That is, until, it started raining the first day you got there.

Now what? You flop on your bed and groan.

Well first, stop your moaning! There’s plenty to do in Sydney when the weather goes bad. In fact, some of the best activities you can do are inside! So you’re really not missing out at all, it could rain the entire time and you’d still have a memorable trip (though we do hope you get to bask in the sun at least once on your holiday).

Let’s check out all the places you can go just in case you get a rainy day during your trip to Sydney.

Australian National Maritime Museum 

Embrace the water and ship on over to the Australian National Maritime Museum. Learn about the history of Sydney’s famous harbour – everything from trade to war. The museum also lets you explore the various vessels that roam the waters, like the replica of the famous explorer James Cook’s HMB Endeavour. Or, if you’re looking to get a little more modern, check out the steel patrol boat, HMAS Advance. It’s a fun experience for all ages.

Don't let the rain get you down.Don’t let the rain get you down.

Museum of Sydney 

Get to know the history of the city you’re visiting and swing by the Museum of Sydney. This just so happens to be one of the most historic spots in the city. It was where the first Government House was built back in 1788 by Governor Arthur Phillip. Though the original building was destroyed, archaeologists uncovered some of the original surviving foundation in 1983. You can come see this and much more of Sydney’s cultural exhibits.

Indoor sports centres 

Were you looking forward to playing some sports while you were on holiday? Perhaps you were trying to get out of town and do some rock climbing. Well, while we know there is nothing worse than trying to grip wet rocks, we know there’s nothing better than an indoor rock climbing facility! And in Sydney, there are quite a few options! You never have to stop moving in this city – there are plenty more indoor facilities for you to get your competitiveness on as well if you’re looking for a good football match.

Modus Operandi 

You won’t mind the rain when you’re enjoying a beer at Modus Operandi! This warehouse is filled with brews – and with a seven-serve tasting paddle, you certainly set up to have a grand time. The brewery also has trivia on Wednesdays, and live music on the weekends, so there’s never a really bad time to go.

Rain or shine, Sydney is an amazing city to visit.Rain or shine, Sydney is an amazing city to visit.

Have a rain photoshoot 

While you could spend countless hours perusing all the aforementioned locations you could also embrace the rain! Whip out your colourful umbrellas and rain boots and get splashing around Sydney. So long as you tell yourself you don’t mind the rain, you won’t!

After spending a whole day in the rain, there’s nothing better than returning to The Macleay Hotel and taking a nice hot shower and wrapping up in a warm towel before transferring to a snuggly robe. Doesn’t that sound incredibly comfortable? We bet you’re hoping for a rainy day in Sydney now!