Beer crawl your way through Sydney’s best craft bars

You simply must check out Sydney's wine country!
Sipping your way through Sydney wine country
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Cheers to good beers in Sydney.

Cheers to good beers in Sydney.


Australia is well known for its fertile wine country – pinot noir and chardonnay, yum! – but what if you’re not a wine drinker? What if you’re more a beer person? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered too!

On holiday, it’s nice to be able to kick back and relax with a refreshing beer, of course, it’s just as nice to get around and taste all the local flavours. This might sound like a challenging endeavour, but we think you can handle it. Plus, the Macleay Hotel is located right across the harbour from all the best drinking spots, so you can hop around all day – or night – and then easily swing back to the hotel.

1. Willie the Boatman

You just have to hear the name of this brewery to know you’re going to be served only the coldest of cold beers – nice and fresh! Opened in just 2015, this brewery has been backed by the community from its earliest seeds. When you go have a pint or two, you’ll really be able to feel the sense of community – a nice treat when you’re visiting a new city. Tasting rooms are open Thursday through Saturday so plan accordingly.

Sydney is the perfect city for a beer - or two.Sydney is the perfect city for a beer – or two.

2. 4 Pines Brewing Company

Award-winning beer. We barely need to say more – but we will. These beers were crafted from the finest of hops, water, yeast and malt – there are a couple more secret ingredients, but you have to head to this brewery to see if you can place them yourself. Some of these beers are only offered on-site, so you must the trip to try it. This beer has been collecting hardware for years now – including a gold back in 2010. If you love craftsmen who take beer creation seriously, you must make this a stop on your trip.

3. Young Henrys Brewery

Of course, no list of Sydney breweries would be complete without a mention of the highly sought out Young Henrys Brewery. There are more than 40 venues of this brewery around Sydney, so it’s not hard to find – but don’t save this bar for last, it closes at dinnertime! Here you can taste crafts of everything from ales to lagers and even a good cider for those who have a sweet tooth. It’s a very interesting scene here at Young Henrys. They host several events on the weekends, regular tours and you can get your food fix satisfied with their unique catering service – food trucks drive right up to the brewery door!

What's your favourite brewery? What’s your favourite brewery?

4. The Grifter Brewing Co

Here’s another young brewery on the list! The owners of this establishment, however, are nonetheless quite skilled in the art of brewing beer – in fact, they used to “gypsy brew” in the kitchens at Young Henrys! Perhaps you should swing by both and see who has the better brew? When Young Henrys moved buildings, the owners bought up this location for their very own. Now, guests can peruse the brewery with one stipulation, you bring your own pizza! The beer to try here is the Serpent’s Kiss – a fresh watermelon flavoured pilsner. If it’s a perfectly casual atmosphere that you’re looking for, this is where you should head.

After a day of brewery hopping and merriment, it’s going to feel oh-so good to head back to your suite at The Macleay Hotel. Just imagine how restful that night of sleep will be! And because the hotel is such a short distance from these bars, you won’t have to worry about an expensive cab fare. Enjoy!