Man Surfing at beach near The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point

Where to catch the best waves in Sydney

Surfers from all over the world are heading to Sydney to take on the waves. Where are they going? Read on to learn where to catch the best surf in town.
Fossil Hunting 5 minutes away from The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point

Welcome to Jurassic Garden

This August, dinosaurs are returning to Australia after a 65 million year hiatus. Why not pay them a visit while staying at The Macleay Hotel?
Sydney Opera House located nearby The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point

Sydney keeps the festivals rolling all year round

Sydney has a festival for literally everyone - check this list out for some of the most famous events!
Couple enjoying the sun in Potts Point

Your (nearly) edible itinerary for meals around Potts Point

A stay at the Macleay Hotel brings you right next to these amazing restaurants, check them out today.