Your (nearly) edible itinerary for meals around Potts Point

Sydney Opera House located nearby The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point
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Couple enjoying the sun in Potts Point

Head on out to Potts Point for some of the best restaurants in Australia.


Foodies flock to Potts Point on the regular as it is a known destination for some of the country’s most delicious meals served at the trendiest restaurants. When you have seven out of the top 100 restaurants in Australia located mere steps away from the Macleay Hotel, why would you ever need to go anywhere else? And, not to spoil anything but, one of those restaurants belongs to the oh-so masterful master chef Kylie Kwong.

Check out this (nearly) edible itinerary for breakfast, lunch and dinner the next time you stay at the Macleay.

Yellow House (breakfast/brunch ) – 2 minute walk from the hotel

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and therefore, it is not to be trifled with. The only meal more essential than breakfast? You know what it is: brunch. Fortunately, Yellow House understands the importance of this sentiment and has the menu to accommodate accordingly.

Only a true culinary genius could pull a mostly vegetarian menu off – and reviews boast that Yellow House has some of the best food in Sydney, so you know Brent Savage lives up to the title.

Embark on a short two minute journey from the Macleay Hotel and settle in for an array of homemade pastries and an assortment of flavourful breakfast concoctions. Baked egg, mushroom, pumpkin and pepitas is just one mouthwatering combination of breakfast treats.

Kings Cross Farmers Markets (lunch) – 3 minute walk from the hotel

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What are the weekends for if not perusing local markets filled with organic and gourmet food? Kings Cross Farmers Market brings fresh foods to Potts Point, and is only a quick three minute walk from the hotel! You can check out all the goods – many of which are Certified Organic – and taste as many fruits and vegetables as your stomach desires.

After a full breakfast at Yellow House, an afternoon moseying around Kings Cross with a coffee in hand will be the perfect activity before dinner. When you aren’t smelling the flowers or sampling essential oils you should make your way from stall to stall in pursuit of the fluffiest piece of cake or sweetest pastry.

But what if it rains, you ask? Don’t worry, the Kings Cross markets are open no matter the weather! While this market is just one of the perks of being so close to the Macleay Hotel, it’s also one of the attractions that keeps people coming back to Potts Point regularly.

Billy Kwong (dinner) – Located in the hotel

Billy Kwong, owned by the universally loved celeb chef Kylie Kwong is sought out by critics and foodies alike. We had to save this restaurant for last because the food and ambience are so good you risk spending your entire time exploring its unique menu. Then you tie in the prime location, aka right inside the Macleay Hotel, and you have a recipe for the ultimate experience.

Most exciting about this menu is the fact that Kylie Kwong has been able to sustain an ethical menu by supporting locally grown, organic and biodynamic produce. Her experience in the kitchen has yielded six books, a job as a presenter on three television series and countless happy foodies since 2000. The menu features a serious showing of authentic Australian-Chinese cuisine, with flavours diverse and representative of the country.

Come for a taste of the signature dish (crispy duck served with juicy oranges, mandarins or plums) and stay for the feel of community.

If your taste buds are ready for this itinerary then contact the Macleay Hotel, and book your reservations today.