How to surprise your loved one with a trip to Sydney for Christmas

Lady exploring fields near The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point
Sydney is a bird watcher’s paradise
You simply must check out Sydney's wine country!
Sipping your way through Sydney wine country
Sydney Opera House located near The Macleay Hotel

There's nothing like a surprise trip to Sydney to win hearts this holiday season.


Not sure what to get your significant other for Christmas this year? Why not give the gift of travel?

There’s no better time to go visit the land Down Under than Christmas. But because this is a rather large gift, and could be relatively difficult to pull off, you’re probably wondering how you can. Don’t worry, we love surprises here at The Macleay Hotel, so we want to help you as much as we can!

Check out our tips on how you can be a super sleuth and surprise your partner with a trip they’ll never forget to the amazing Sydney, Australia.

Make sure everyone books time off

The trouble with booking an international surprise trip is getting your significant other to take off the appropriate time. You can’t simply ask them to take two weeks off in December without expecting them to ask some questions. So, in order to make the surprise a real shock, you need to be stealthy. You’ll still need to ask your partner to take the time off, but when they ask why, tell them you’re going to visit your parents, or something equally believable. Trust us, you can make all the reservations and booking accommodations relatively easily without them knowing.

A trip to Sydney is an unforgettable Christmas gift!A trip to Sydney is an unforgettable Christmas gift!

Book your stay at The Macleay Hotel 

OK, now that you have the time off you can go ahead and make reservations at The Macleay Hotel. Be sure to do this as soon as you know the dates you have available to ensure you have the perfect room for when you come to Sydney. A stay at our hotel is ideal for first timers in Sydney because we’re in the heart of it all. We’re just minutes away from all the cool attractions, amazing food and we have a gorgeous view of the city as we’re just across the harbour from the cityscape.

Schedule some activities 

Like we said, there’s tonnes to do around the hotel, so you’ll never be bored. The hotel is situated near major Sydney attractions like the Opera House, Taronga Zoo and the Royal Botanical Gardens. There are also quite a few delicious restaurants right in the Potts Point area, just a few minutes outside your suite, so don’t forget to plan a romantic dinner as well! It’s all about the little details that will make this trip a raging success.

Be sure to leave some room for relaxing by the hotel pool, so your loved one can pick some things they want to do as well!