Sydney is a bird watcher’s paradise

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Check out the birds you'll see around Sydney.


On your first night in Sydney, as you lay awake in your Macleay Hotel suite boudoir, window open, what do you hear? The stillness of the night air is often filled with the exotic sounding coos and chirps of local Australian birds, of course!

Bird watchers flock to this Australian nest to learn about some of the unique species that are native to the land down under. We’ll give you a quick guide on some of the coolest birds, as well as where to find them. Many aren’t very far from your stay at The Macleay Hotel! Check it out.


There’s no mistaking this bird for any other! Its raucous laughter is well known throughout the world. This bird is easily recognisable from its appearance as well, as it is a fluffy, off-white body with brown wings and brown stripe across the eyes. They’re found all over eastern Australia and are happy anywhere they can nest in a tree, so you really might have one right outside your room! The first time you hear its kooky call you’ll be quite delighted – that is until they’re waking you up as you try to sleep in!

Get excited for the birds in Sydney.Get excited for the birds in Sydney.

Australian Pelican 

Head to Sydney Harbour to see one of these beauties in action. The Australian Pelican is instantly recognisable with its white body, black back and signature throat pouch that you need to see in action to believe! The bill of a grown bird is about 40 to 50 centimetres long – plenty of room to catch some grub! These birds are dedicated hunters as they can stay in flight for 24 hours and cover hundreds of kilometres if required.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

You may have seen this bird before because they are often made a pet! But wouldn’t you rather see the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo in its natural habitat? Sure you would! They prefer wooded areas, so you’ll likely catch these guys hanging around the parks in Sydney. They’re easy to distinguish with their white bodies and long yellow mohawk of feathers atop their heads. The underside of their wings are also yellow, so they’re beautiful to behold in flight.

Now, as you relax in your hotel suite at The Macleay Hotel, you can really appreciate the soft songs of the sweet birds located right outside your window!