Single in Sydney: Things you can do while everyone else is celebrating Valentine’s Day

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Are you ready to enjoy Sydney alone?


Ladies and gentlemen, in case you haven’t noticed the abundance of commercialised merchandise and buzz afloat, Valentine’s Day is coming up! The local restaurants will be swept off their feet, preparing for full capacity on this eve, whilst lovestruck couples will be finalising the minute details of their romantic trip to Sydney.

However, not everyone in this city will be part of a romantic union. If you’re single in Sydney during this lovey-dovey time, don’t despair! There are many things you can do to enjoy the day too.

Hold a single pringles hotel party

Trust us, you won’t be the only single pringle in the vicinity of Sydney. Whether you’ve just met other solo travellers on a Sydney Harbour cruise or have single friends ready to mingle, why not combine forces and turn it into a party?

Gather all the sleepover essentials – bathrobes and beauty treatments for the ladies and beers for the boys. Book out a studio apartment at the Macleay Hotel (because it has its own kitchenette for affordable unhealthy snacks, duh) and have a comfy night in, making the most of your singledom!

Gather your single friends and celebrate friendship.Gather your single friends and celebrate friendship.

Check out CNY festivities

This year’s day of love falls on a Tuesday. If you just so happen to be in Sydney the weekend before, then perfect timing! It’s the last weekend of Sydney’s Chinese New Year festival (ending Sunday 12, February) and definitely a vibrant, cultural experience that you can’t miss.

Judging by the previous years, it’s expected to be packed each and every day the festival is open. This just means that you’re unlikely to be the only one venturing around on your lonesome.

Enjoy a wide variety of delicious Asian street food, soak in the music and catch a snap as the Sydney Opera House turns red for good fortune. You’re bound to have an amazing time, whatever your relationship status!

Muse around in a museum or gallery

There’s no better way to connect with the heart of Australia than at one of the many museums and art galleries you’ll find around Sydney’s CBD. You can spend plenty of hours just basking in culture, tradition and talent. Going on your own allows you to move around at your own pace, with no one to rush you through the exhibits.

The brilliant thing about staying in The Macleay Hotel is the location. Right in the centre of Sydney, you’ll find that it’s not even a 20-minute walk to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, or only a 22-minute stroll to Australia Museum.

It’ll be summer in Australia during Valentine’s Day, so hopefully, many couples will be spending it outside on the beach, meaning fresh, air-conditioned galleries may not be too busy at this time.

Who doesn't love new stuff?Who doesn’t love new stuff?

Have a treat yo’ self day

Who doesn’t love new stuff? Buying things to treat yourself can create new levels of satisfaction and enjoyment, and helps us to feel confident in our own skin.

Whether it’s a new outfit that shows off our assets or a beautiful bottle of wine (Australia has a lot of these!), you’ll find many deals to top off your stay in Sydney.

Pitt Street is home to many large shopping districts, such as the Westfield Shopping Centre, Midcity Centre and Strand Arcade. There are also many artisan stores that sell unique crafts from local businesses. Bring a slice of Sydney back home with you.

As you can see, the options for a single appreciation day in Sydney are endless. The trick to not feeling too lonely this Valentine’s is to find something you enjoy, because after all, no one knows you better than yourself.

Be quick and book your accommodation on a single’s trip before we fill out. Schedule your stay at The Macleay Hotel today.