How to stay in shape on holiday in Sydney

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Stay active on your holiday in Sydney.

Stay active on your holiday in Sydney.


Going away on holiday can put a damper on those who love to stick to their exercise routines. You’re away from your usual gym or running path, not to mention you’re in a whole new city, so it’s easy to fall out of routine. But when you get away in Sydney, those who are serious about never missing a day at the gym need not fret, the city is filled with activities that will more than suit your needs.

Let’s explore some of the awesome activities that you can take part in that are right outside your suite at The Macleay Hotel.

Water pilates in the Macleay pool

We all know pilates to be a good, challenging exercise – but add in the element of water and you’ve got yourself a real, muscle burning workout. Just that extra resistance on your body can make a huge difference on the amount of soreness you’ll be feeling the next day. Before you get your day of touring Sydney started, head to The Macleay Hotel pool so you can get your morning workout in.

Alternatively, the hotel is located near some of the best beaches on the Australian east coast – ample opportunity to exercise amongst the waves there! Nearby, you’ll find beaches like Manly Beach, Dee Why and the world famous Bondi Beach. You can do your water aerobics here, but these are also incredibly popular surfing spots. As such, we think it’s a good idea for you to try your luck in Australian waters. If you’re already a surfing pro then this is definitely something you can’t miss – people come from all over the globe to test these waves.

Stay active by surfing Australia's amazing waves. Stay active by surfing Australia’s amazing waves.

Running events around Sydney

It’s finally summertime, and for many, that also means that it’s running season! Every weekend there is a new road race to participate in, and Sydney is no different. This active city has everything from serious events down to the fun runs, depending on what you’re looking for, you might want to check an event schedule so you can hit the best one. However, you don’t have to schedule a race to run, in fact, taking a jog around the city is a great way to see what’s around on your own.

Enjoy a jog around the Royal Botanical Gardens, Rushcutters Bay or Sydney Harbour – our guests love these routes as these are some of the most scenic runs in the area.

It’s not your average hike, but it’s 134 metres of nonstop climbing fun.

Exercise while sightseeing 

Of course, you’re in Sydney, so you need to do some tourist things as well! But we’ll let you in on a little secret – some of those tourist things can actually be categorised as exercise. One of the most famous attractions, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, has a tour that leads you all the way to the tippy top. It’s not your average hike, but it’s 134 metres of nonstop climbing fun. You’re going to find yourself a little out of breath – whether that be from the climb, or the amazing view of the city at the top.

Visit the 2000 Olympic stadium

Want to feel like a serious athlete? Visit the Sydney Olympic Park – home of the 2000 Olympic Games and many amazing and inspirational tales of athleticism. The best part about visiting the park is the fact that you also get to participate in some on-site events! Sydney Olympic Park offers beginning courses for sports you may have never tried before, as well. You can’t miss out on the chance to workout where some of the world’s greatest athletes once performed!

Fortunately, when you’ve booked your stay at The Macleay Hotel, you also get a free gym membership to PE Department – which is just a five minute walk from the hotel. At the end of the day, you have a nice place to rest your weary body after a long day of running around. Curl up in bed, let your muscles rest, and get ready for another day of healthy activities!