4 of the top activities for thrill seekers in Sydney

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Get an adrenaline kick out of skydiving in Sydney!


You already know that Sydney caters for the foodies, the craft beer lovers and the shopaholics, but what about adrenaline junkies? No need to worry – Sydney has heart-stopping experiences covered, too.

Discover Sydney’s wild side by ticking off some of the thrill-seeing activities in and around the city.

1. Jet boating on Sydney Harbour

Yes, seeing the Harbour Bridge is one of the must-do activities in Sydney, but if gazing at the bridge from solid ground seems a little too mainstream for you, see if from the water instead. An adrenaline-pumping jet boat ride around the harbour will give you incredible views of the bridge as you zip underneath it, and the iconic Sydney skyline as you swerve and fishtail across the sea.

There are several companies offering harbour jet boat rides, but our top pick is Oz Jet Boating. Their rides start from Circular Quay, which is a handy 30-minute walk from the Macleay Hotel.

2. Skydiving 

Take sightseeing to another level by going skydiving.

Leaping out of a plane and free falling at 200 kilometres per hour is guaranteed to make your pulse pound. Once your canopy opens and you drift slowly toward the ground, you’ll have a chance to get your breath back and take in the coastal, mountain and city skyline views.

Sydney Skydivers is the closest operator to the city. They offer a free shuttle from Elizabeth Street in Surrey Hills to the departure point. You can reach the Elizabeth Street departure lounge on the T4 line from Kings Cross station.

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3. Race car driving

Seize the day (and the steering wheel) and give race car driving in Sydney a go.

At the Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek, you can make all your car-related dreams come true by getting behind the wheel of a Ferrari, V8 or Formula One-style race car. Out on the circuit, speeds can get up to 200 kilometres per hour so if you don’t feel safe handling a vehicle at those speeds, you can call shotgun on the passenger seat and let a professional drive for you. This is a proper taste of life in the fast lane.

The motorsport park is located 40 kilometres west of Sydney’s central business district, so the easiest way to get there is in a private vehicle.

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4. Fly with a water-powered jetpack

Launch yourself into an experience that will make you feel like James Bond. Inspired by the secret agent, the jetpack first landed in Sydney in 2012.

The best place to tick this experience off your bucket list is at Jetpack Adventures Sydney. On this tour you will be propelled into the air by jet nozzles attached to a pack on your back – you can blast as high as 15 metres above the water.

A professional guide will help make your flight time safe and enjoyable, and the flight experience will last for around 30 minutes.

Jetpack Adventures Sydney are located a one-hour drive west of Sydney’s centre, so we recommend hiring a vehicle if you don’t have your own car.

Even the most adventurous travellers need a calm place to sleep. The Macleay Hotel is ideally situated in the centre of Sydney, so you can easily access all of the thrill-seeking activities in the area. At the end of a long day of soaring adrenaline, you can relax in one of our comfortable rooms – and build up your energy for the next day’s adventure!

To find out more about our quality accommodation in the heart of Sydney, or to make a reservation, reach out to our friendly team today.