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Rainy day? Holiday.

Rainy day? Holiday.

No one likes it when it rains on their parade – or their holiday, as it were.

Unfortunately, there's little to be done about a sudden rainy day. But that shouldn't mean that your holiday is ruined – there are plenty of things you can do indoors here in Sydney to keep that vacay-vibe up. We have a few suggestions, in fact.

1. Get locked up

If you have to spend the day stuck indoors, you may as well be literal about.

In a world where screens are encroaching on every facet of our lives, it's no puzzle that escape rooms are popping up all over Sydney. These challenging cognitive games take the room-escape format of many old internet-based adventure games and bring it to life. Combining all manner of brainteasers with immersive technology and set dressing, escape rooms invite participants to step into another world for an hour or so and challenge themselves in new ways.

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In particular, we recommend you try out the Enigma Room. Drawing inspiration from psychological thrillers such as Inception, the Enigma Room will task you delving into the subconscious of a coma-stricken Jane Doe to uncover her past and true identity. The facility has received attention from various technology outlets for its use of Kinect motion sensors to create action-driven puzzles.

To get to the Enigma Room, simply walk 750 metres south from the Macleay Hotel to Kings Cross and catch the T4 line to Town Hall Station. The venue will be 200 metres around the block. 

2. Putt your troubles away

Holey Moley is putt putt mini golf like no other. Proclaiming their take on the popular passtime is "like golf, but fun", the team at Holey Moley are promising a lot.

You won't encounter your usual windmills and castles at Holey Moley – instead you'll venture through a labyrinth of pop culture references, creative lighting and music that will make you want to dance across the green.

Of course, if tottering around with a stick isn't quite your thing, why not belt the day away in one of their many karaoke rooms? Their on-site bar will deliver drinks to any room, keeping your vocal chords and your confidence well-lubricated.

Holey Moley is only 35 minutes away from the Macleay. Just catch the T4 from Kings Cross Station, transfer to the T2 at Town Hall and follow the line to Newtown. Then, just walk 220 metres to their King Street location.

3. Netflix and chill

If you don't feel like braving the weather to get to your destination, you can always have a great time in your hotel room. Using your complimentary Wi-Fi access, just plug in your laptop, snuggle up on the couch and catch up on the latest season of Stranger Things. Don't let anyone tell you that a binge-watching session isn't a holiday activity!

There's no need to let rainy days ruin your holiday when you stay at the Macleay Hotel. Get in touch today to book your Sydney accommodation.