5 things you didn’t know you could do in Sydney

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Discover five things you didn't know you could do in Sydney.

There's a vast array of spectacular things to see and do in Sydney. From visiting some of Australia's most iconic landmarks to lazing on world renowned beaches, there's certainly something for everyone.

But there's also plenty of undiscovered things to do, too.

Enjoy your stay at The Macleay Hotel and get set to explore these five things you didn't know you could do in Sydney.

1. Sink and sip

Sydney is constantly at the forefront of exciting new endeavours (sushi doughnuts anyone?) and now they've taken a favourite pastime and given it the adult makeover it so truly deserves. Holey Moley is Sydney's very own mini golf bar!

Over two floors, punters can putt balls while sipping on crazy cocktails for an afternoon of fun like no other. Unlike any other game of mini golf you may have played before, each hole takes on a completely unique theme and challenge, such as Game of Thrones, The Simpsons and Alice In Wonderland.

2. Dance in the dark

Hitting the dance floor or the Zumba class to show off your dance moves can be intimidating to say the least. If you like to let loose but don't want judging eyes on you, Sydney has got just what you need: No Lights, No Lycra. This dance community has been shaking up the Australian boogie scene since 2009, one hand jive at a time.

Welcoming anyone and everyone, visitors have the chance to dance in a fun and non-pretentious environment. It's a serious amount of fun and something everyone should experience – no excuses!

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3. Drink in an igloo

It's no lie that interesting and unique bars make for some of the most memorable drinking experiences. Adding to their list of incredible drinking joints is Domes on the Pier. If you've ever wanted to drink inside an igloo, now's your chance.

Fortunately, no ice is involved. Instead, find a large, glass dome full of cosy chairs and sensational winter drinks and food. Located on the harbour front, it's a great way to see the sights of Sydney in one epic setting. Be quick, it's only around until mid-August!

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4. Explore an underground city

If you're looking for the perfect lunch spot away from the crowds, keep your eyes out for Paddington Reservoir Gardens. Only a 30-minute stroll from your accommodation, this inner city spot is a true piece of paradise.

What was once a functioning reservoir has recently been refurbished into a hidden oasis in Sydney's city centre. Drawing inspiration from Roman architecture and the hanging gardens of Babylon, Sydneysiders in the know have been visiting this underground haven for the perfect picnic and urban escape!

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5. Partake in yoga, with cats

Yoga is an activity enjoyed by many throughout the entire world. It's a great way to relax the mind and keep fit. What could possibly make this hobby more enjoyable? Adding cats into the mix, of course!

Catmosphere Cafe not only allow visitors to enjoy a cuppa alongside cuddly felines, they also host yoga classes with the cats themselves. Book yourself in for a 45-minute yoga session and let the curious kittens wander through your arms and legs as you perform downward dogs and child poses. A unique spin on a much loved activity, it's an experience every cat lover should enjoy.

With so many unique things to see and do in Sydney, be sure to see them all while enjoying your stay at The Macleay Hotel. For more information on our competitive rates and location, click here