Where to find the perfect cup of tea in Sydney

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Where are the best places to go for a cup of tea in Sydney?


The practice of tea drinking has exploded in Sydney over recent years. Not only are there some incredible stores, cafes and tea houses inspired by European and Oriental traditions, but some fabulous Aussie brands are making their mark as well.

Here are some places to check out on your trip to Sydney, all just a short bus or train ride from Potts Point. You’ll definitely want to stock up on their blends and take some home with you!


Step inside a T2 store and you’ll immediately feel at home. With delicious brews to taste, an impressive collection and a modern, Aussie take on traditional tea drinking practices, this is a must-visit for tea-loving travellers in Sydney.

There are stores in David Jones Elizabeth Street, World Square and the QVB, only a quick bus trip away.

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Zensation Tea House, Redfern

Pop into 1920s Shanghai to get more of an Oriental vibe. Sit down and indulge in the refreshing Hibiscus Blossom brew, or perhaps the full-bodied White Peony. The best part? You can combine your tea tasting with a delicious yum cha.

T Totaler, Newtown

You know this place is fabulous because they’re in Newtown, one of Sydney’s coolest suburbs. From their ‘tea bar’, creative blends, free refills (say what?!) and environmentally-friendly packaging, T Totaler embodies all things awesome.

The T Totaler team also spruiks their wares at the Carriageworks Farmers Markets every Saturday in Eveleigh (just like our favourite chef Kylie Kwong!)

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The Tea Cosy, The Rocks

Brits feeling a little homesick will love this comforting tea house situated right in them middle of the cobbled streets of Sydney’s most historic district, The Rocks. The building that it occupies is a colonial-era former military residence that dates to the 1870s and the owners suspect it may be haunted!

If you can get past that, kick back and enjoy some delightful loose leaf tea and freshly-baked scones served with sweet Australian jam.

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There are some tea-riffic places to enjoy a cuppa in Sydney. If you love the brews you’ve tasted so much, why not buy some to take back to your room at The Macleay Hotel? Our rooms all have kitchenettes so it’s as easy as boiling up some water and sitting down to relax with mug in hand.