The best boast-worthy brunches in Sydney

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Sydney is stacked with amazing brunch spots - just check these out!


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A morning fuelled with the right amount of nutrients is just what you need to seize everything that is thrown your way.

But you’re going on holiday. And as such, you tend to seize the day a little later than you normally would – especially when you can sleep in at The Macleay Hotel. You still need that nourishment, but by the time you’re ready for it, is it really considered breakfast still?

No. It’s not. It’s better.

Now it’s brunch.

Ah, brunch. The perfect, non-judgemental answer to everyone who has always asked, is it too early for champagne in orange juice or Baileys in coffee? Foodies and breakfast fanatics should all flock to Sydney for some of the best breakfast-lunch hybrid meals in the city. Stick with us, we’ll show you where to grub down.

Yellow House

First up, we have the drool-worthy Yellow House. This unique restaurant has captivated critics all across the city so it’s always making lists in Sydney as a must-visit brunch destination. Even we’ve included this in one of our previous food itineraries – but hey, with food so good it bears repeating and re-eating. This menu might be mostly vegetarian-inspired, but its flavours delight even the strictest of meat eaters. All the food comes from local suppliers and is then cooked to perfection. With all the classic to new contemporary concoctions and everything from eggs to pastries, you won’t leave unhappy.

Best of all, this deliciousness is just a mere two minute walk from the hotel!

Poached Eggs + Charred Corn + Ham Hock Consomme. Open for brunch from 8am Saturday and Sunday. #yellowsydney #brunch

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Brewtown Newton

If you’d like to go to the land of baked goods that are literally brimming with delicious, then Brewtown Newton needs to be on your list. Introduce your taste buds to Sydney’s finest pastries and coffee to dip them in. If you couldn’t tell by the name of the restaurant, the coffee is one of the real treats. The beans come from plantations in South America, so it has a rich, smooth flavour. Here, you’ll experience everything from savoury to sweet, it’s a real adventure for your senses that you must try.

This is also a great stop for anyone with children in tow as it’s located right outside The University of Sydney’s campus. Never too early to get kids thinking about higher education!


Get here early, Bills doesn’t take reservations and it’s incredibly popular. Have you ever heard of Bill Granger? In case you haven’t – he’s a famous Australian chef who has been affectionately nicknamed ‘Sydney’s Breakfast King’. And with a menu made up of names like Ricotta Hotcakes with Honeycomb butter, you pretty much find your feet walking you there before you even know what you’ve done. It’s a nice casual dining atmosphere, and as such, an exceptional way to start your day.

After a meal here, you’ll probably start booking return flights back to Sydney – it’s just impossible to get enough.

Kick off the week with a classic Sydney breakfast @bill.granger #ricottahotcakes #regram @biancahealey_uw

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No matter which eatery you decide to dine at, just know that you’re always in an area in Sydney worth exploring. And then, once you’re done being absolutely taken by a day filled with amazing foods and sights, return to your suite at The Macleay Hotel and rest up to do it all over again. Your room has the perfect view of the harbour and city skyline, so it’s worth staying up a little late to city gaze – only to sleep in late and brunch all over again, of course!