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Discover Sydney's top cheese dishes.

Discover Sydney's top cheese dishes.

Food trends come and go. From rainbow coloured bagels to avocado coffees, Australia has certainly seen some kooky crazes. But, we've got to 'brie' honest, there's one food group that has stood the test of time and continues to do so – cheese. 

Here at the Macleay Hotel, not only do we offer great accommodation at affordable prices, we're also intent on delivering everything happening in Sydney to our guests. If you're looking for a fromage feast, check out the city's best cheese everything below!

GPO Cheese and Wine Room

Nothing screams 'cheese' more than a hot-pot of melted gooiness ready for dunking bread, meats and other yummy sides into it. Yes, you guessed it, this one's the classic fondue!

Sydney's GPO Cheese and Wine Room specialises in all things fondue, with goat, truffle and blue variations available. Enjoy dip-worthy sides of grilled prawns, rustic bread, roasted chat potatoes and cured meats – just to name a few!

The Apollo

Sudden cheese craving? Looking for a nearby fix? Fortunately for you, our Potts Point hotel is situated a mere 130m walk from one of Sydney's most famous cheese dishes!

Not only did The Apollo make the world's best restaurant list in 2016 according to Monocle, they've also been serving up the classic Greek dish of 'Saganaki' to fromage-loving folk for six years! Smothered in honey and seasoned to perfection with oregano, this fried piece of cheese is served in its pan for ultimate crispiness.

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Buffalo Dining Club

If you've experienced major food envy over videos of hollowed out wheels of cheese encompassing masses of equally gooey amounts of spaghetti, it's time to join this cheese craze once and for all.

Simply translating to 'cheese' and 'pepper', the Roman-style dish of Cacio e Pepe is showcased at Sydney's very own Buffalo Dining Club. The restaurant's focus is on mozzarella and the best part is, this cheesy haven is just a ten minute walk from the Macleay Hotel!

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Uncle Tetsu

Born in 1985 in Hakata, Japan, Uncle Tetsu's cheesecakes have been creating quite the stir worldwide ever since, with Sydney's George Street store being no different. What makes Sydneysiders queue around the block for these delectable cheesecakes is their wobbly, cushion-like texture. Completely smooth and risen to perfection, the hype doesn't appear to be going anywhere for this sweet, cheese treat!

The Stinking Bishops

What kind of cheese-fueled list would this be without mention of a true classic such as mac and cheese? And, we're not just talking any mac and cheese. The Stinking Bishops variety has achieved legendary status in Sydney and in the southwest suburb of Newton, it can be all yours.

A short stroll from the popular rooftop bar, Corridor, diners can enjoy sweet, caramelised onions and lashings of gruyere and scamorza cheeses surrounded by small swirls of macaroni pasta.

Bistro Papillon

It only gets 'feta'. Bistro Papillon and their raclette is waiting for hungry tums and thankfully it's just a 20 minute journey from your Sydney city accommodation. Raclette is a type of cow's cheese which is made extra special by how it's served. The cheese is heated and then scraped straight from the block onto a selection of meats and other sides – yum!

With so many cheese dishes to get stuck into around Sydney, you'll be thankful that you booked into the centrally located Macleay hotel!