Release your inner child with these Sydney activities

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Release your inner child with these Sydney activities.

Release your inner child with these Sydney activities.

Why should the kids have all the fun? Sydney is chock-a-block full of activities worth releasing your inner child for. Discover them all on the doorstep of your city centre Sydney Hotel!

Sydney Trapeze School

Ever wanted to join the circus? Now you can. Sydney Trapeze School allows people of all ages (adults included!) to strap in and swing their way through the skies as part of their flying trapeze classes. Never trapezed before? Don't worry, the classes cater to all levels, with professionals on hand to guide your moves. There's also the chance for all participants to practise flying tricks in the air!

Best part, the school is conveniently located just 45 minutes away on public transport from The Macleay Hotel!

Luna Park

The smiling face of Luna Park's enticing entrance is hard to miss from your Sydney city hotel. The restored theme park has been delivering fun and laughter to its visitors since 1935 and still has the original ferris wheel from all those years ago. Enjoy incredible views of Sydney Harbour and beyond from 40 metres high while deciding on which ride to hit next. Will it be the roaring roller coaster Wild Mouse, the 360 degree rotating Moon Ranger or the hilarious Turkey Trot? 

No Lights No Lycra

As adults, we don't tend to let loose as much as when we were children due to feeling embarrassed and silly. However, No Lights No Lycra is hoping to change this through their fun-filled dance parties. Leave inhibitions at the door, along with the lights and fancy lycra clothing. These dance parties are completely in the dark, giving participants the chance to move freely however they please without having to worry about what other people think!

Find events all across Sydney – with the closest to the Macleay Hotel in Bondi and Darlinghurst.

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Wild Ropes

In 2016, Taronga Zoo welcomed nearly two million animal-crazy visitors. Although strolling around the incredible enclosures on two feet is awesome in itself, why not take to the skies instead? Wild Ropes is the sky-high adventure course set above the zoo, offering unbeatable views of the animals below and Sydney Harbour!

Luckily, the Macleay Hotel is near to Taronga Zoo – just a short ferry ride in fact!

After a day of fun and excitement, head back to the comfort of your Sydney city accommodation for a good night's sleep, before another day of adventure!