St. Luke’s Hospital

If your loved one is currently undergoing hospital treatment in Sydney, it’s important to be close at hand. The Macleay Hotel in Potts Point is located within convenient walking distance to both St Luke’s and St Vincent’s Hospitals, and has a number of comfortable rooms on offer to care for you while you care for your family.

St Luke’s Hospital: An overview

St Luke’s Hospital is a not-for- profit, independent health care organisation. Since opening its doors in 1919, St Luke’s Hospital has been serving the district and beyond with compassion, top quality care and a personal touch you would expect to see from such a community-lead team.

In the last decade, the number of hospitalisations due to injury alone in Australia hit nearly half a million per year, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. With more and more people requiring high-quality healthcare, St Luke’s Private Hospital looks after more than 500 people every day. Whether that be in St Luke’s Hospital’s premium 59-bed general, surgical and rehabilitation practice or in Lulworth House Aged Care facility adjacent to the hospital, there is care on hand for all requirements.

St Luke’s Hospital is fully accredited from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards. A recent report from ACHS acknowledged St Luke’s Hospital for practising excellent safety and continuously developing quality in the workplace.

Close by to the ones you love

Finding accommodation in Potts Point allows you to be close to your family or loved one while they undergo care and treatment at St Luke’s Hospital or neighbouring facilities. The Macleay Hotel is a 10-minute walk from St Luke’s Hospital and a 20-minute walk from St Vincent’s Hospital, where the nearest emergency department is located. This allows you to go back and forth to the hospital with ease, and enables you to be near should something take a turn for the worse.

Transport links for the utmost convenience

If you will be unable to walk from your Potts Point hotel to the hospital each day, convenient transport options are also available. The 311 bus runs to St Vincent’s Hospital from a stop just past The Macleay Hotel and arrives directly outside the main entrance. If you require a taxi, Potts Point has many options that the Macleay reception team will be more than happy to go through with you and help book.

A comfortable place to stay

Caring for a loved one in hospital can really take its toll. It’s important that they are well looked after, but what about you? Don’t add to your stresses and worries by wondering where you’ll stay near St Luke’s Hospital or St Vincent’s Hospital. Instead, relax and enjoy the comfort of The Macleay Hotel.

We have many different types of accommodation on offer – from two-bedroom apartments to self-contained single apartments that all allow guests to enjoy peace and quiet while staying in Sydney. Relax in our top-class facilities and services that help to make your stay even more calming.

We strive to ensure that The Macleay Hotel is a stress-free place to stay, especially for those who may be going through hard times. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay near St Luke’s or St Vincent’s Hospital, contact The Macleay Hotel today to see what we can do for you.