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Hotel Near Garden Island

Located 2km to the north-west of Sydney CBD, at the Potts Point in Sydney Harbor, the Garden Island is an inner city, which accommodates a major base of the Royal Australian Navy. The Garden Island has originally been a totally detached island, which had been used for governing and naval purpose, since the beginning of Sydney inhabitance. In early 1940's a dry dock was constructed in the channel between the island and the mainland, and the base was extended, so the island is now connected to the mainland.

The history of the Garden Island goes as far as first European settlement in Sydney, where it had been planted by the first European community that established themselves there. It was served as a kitchen garden by then, to provide supply to the kitchen of the officers and crew of a First Fleet vessel, named HMS Sirius. In 1811, the ownership of the Garden Island was transferred to the Governor of Sydney.

Today, the Garden Island holds a significant role in the operations of the Fleet Base East of the Royal Australian Navy. Inside the island, there's an active dockyard - which includes the Captain Cook Graving Dock, a naval heritage museum and an outdoor heritage precinct. The latter two, which are located in the Northern tip of the island are open to the public for visiting. It's an incredible attraction in the city, often underestimated, but will give you a clear picture of the naval history of the RAN. The Garden Island also offers a spectacular view of the city. If hungry, stop at the cafe in the museum to enjoy a burger and sandwich style meal.

Getting to Garden Island from the Macleay Hotel is not difficult. You can either walk up to the island, or take a taxi. Garden Island is located inside the Sydney Harbor, about 6km to the North of the Hotel, and can be reached within 9 minutes from leaving the hotel, via the Cross City Tunnel. Macleay Hotel Staff will help you every way in possible in planning your tour to the Garden Island, giving directions and arranging transport.

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