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Sydney Tower and OzTrek

Simply the best view in Sydney...

The Sydney TowerSydney Tower stands tall in the middle of Sydney and stares down at the city. Being the tallest structure in Sydney, Sydney Tower Eye and the observation deck on top of the tower offers you a unique view of entire Sydney. Next to the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand, it's the tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sydney Tower Eye is 309m high, and is located on the Market Street in the Central Business District.

The observation deck, at a height of 250m, provides a panoramic 360 degree view of the city. There's also a 360 bar and dining restaurant. One can observe the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House in its full view from here - a totally different experience than when you observe it from the ground.

Free telescopes are provided to all visitors to observe the city better. If required, you can also get a tour guide to show you different locations in the city. An audio guide is provided to each tourist to understand the locations they observe through the deck, with translations of the guide provided in 4 different languages.

The Sydney Tower had been designed by the Australian architect Donald Crone, in 1968. The constructions of the office complex in the ground initiated in 1970, and the tower constructions initiated in 1975. It was built with the ability to withstand massive earthquakes and heavy wind situations.

In 1981, it was opened to the public, and since then about 10 canada drugs million tourists have visited the Sydney Tower. The tower is being serviced by 3 high-speed, double-deck lifts. A lift takes exactly 40 seconds to travel to the top. The base building underwent a massive restoration in 2009.

The Oz Trek is an incredible virtual reality ride, that you can experience while you are on the Sydney Tower. The ticket to the Sydney Tower includes the cost for a ride with the Oz Trek. Recently on, you can also experience a 4D cinema experience in the theatre at the top.

Hotel Accommodation Near the Sydney Tower and OzTrek

Our staff at the Macleay Hotel will assist you to plan your Sydney Tower tour. Ask our help desk for the directions and ticketing information. The tower is just 2.3km away from the hotel, via the William Street. With a taxi taken at the hotel entrance, you can reach the tower within 11 minutes. Map directions are:

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