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Queen Victoria Building Sydney

The Queen Victoria Building, better known as the QVB by locals, is one of Sydney’s best shopping destinations...

Inside Queen Victoria BuildingLocated at 455 George St in Sydney, the Queen Victoria Building is a late 19th century architectural masterpiece, an exemplary to the Romanesque Revival architecture. The Queen Victoria houses more than 180 of first class fashion boutiques, furniture & electrical home appliance shops, antiques & souvenir shops, jewelry shops and a number of fine-dining restaurants and cafes, located in four main shopping floors. It's the best place in Sydney to experience an exclusive shopping tour, as well as to observe the historical glory of the city.

The Queen Victoria Building was built in 1890's, in the form of a cathedral, but was originally used as the Municipal Market. In 1986, under the new city development project, the building was restored and reopened as a prestigious shopping arcade. The restoring however has ensured the keeping of the original style of the building, hence most of the tile work you see today are the originals from the 19th century.

The dome of the building is surrounded with stained glass windows, giving a magnificent view to a visitor, both during day time and at night. The building also house several of historical monuments, one of which being a real-size figure of Queen Victoria, surrounded by the replicas of British Crown jewels. If you visit the Queen Victoria building during Christmas, you would be mesmerized by the enchanting, giant Christmas tree that occupies centre dome. During Christmas, it would be the best place in Sydney to take your kids to, not only to see the elegant Christmas decorations, but also to lavish them with the gifts of their dreams.

The shopping complex at the Queen Victoria building is open all 7 days, from Monday - Saturday from 9.00AM to 6.00PM and from 11.00AM - 5.00PM on Sunday.

Hotel Accommodation Near the Queen Victoria Building

From the Macleay Hotel, it's quite easy to get to the Queen Victoria Building. The building is just 2.2km away from the hotel, via the William Street, and you can walk down the street to reach the shopping mall at the end of the George Street within 10 minutes. On your way back, you can simply catch a taxi from the shopping mall back to the hotel. Ask the Macleay hotel help desk for a tour guide and a catalogue for the shopping malls in Queen Victoria Building. Map directions are:

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