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The Rocks

The Rocks attractions SydneyThe Rocks is an urban community that reflects the old Sydney and a must-visit attraction in Sydney. The traditional looking streets, cosy & small cafes and old country pubs would teach you how the old Sydney was like. The Rocks is located just a walk away from the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, therefore don't miss to pay a visit to the Rocks when you visit these iconic landmarks of Sydney.

The Rocks was inhabited around the same time the first civilization established in Sydney, i.e. around 1788. The oldest buildings in the area are made of local sandstones. From the early days, the area has been recognized as a 'slum area', frequently visited by prostitutes and sailors. Most of the old buildings in the area are either demolished or decayed by now. The few remaining are preserved and renovated and brings major attention to the area.

The Rocks offer you everything from accommodation, dining, entertainment to souvenirs. The unique retailers at the Rocks have everything from traditional Australian costumes to souvenirs from the Aboriginal culture. There are a variety of souvenir and craft shops, including a few Aboriginal craft shops that sell antique Aboriginal arts, crafts, glasses and ceramic goods. The Cadman's Cottage is a major attraction in the area. It's a residential property built in 1816 and one of the few remaining from its time.

There are several places to eat and drink, which offers a variety of food and beverages from local beer, Aboriginal dishes to modern plates. The Rocks Markets is another experience you don't want to miss. Get away from the rush of the city to enjoy a cool and calm shopping experience in this relaxed environment in the open-air market, which would give you the impression of a traditional, historic village fair.

Hotel Accommodation Near The Rocks

The Rocks is just 5km away from the Macleay Hotel, which can be reached via the Cross City Tunnel. Let our staff help you plan the perfect Sydney tour that covers all important attractions in Sydney, to wind up the day at the Rocks, to give you the feel of a traditional Australian community from centuries back.

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