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Garden Island is located at Potts Point, Sydney Harbour. Garden Island is used by naval activities with the role and utilisation of the island varying over the years. Originally the small island of 4.7 hectares was literally used as a garden bed to produce food for the ship's company. In 1946 land had been reclaimed between Potts Point and Garden Island, expanding the Garden Island site to 27 hectares.

Garden Island and Fleet Base East operate as a naval establishment and ship maintenance and marine engineering site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are twelve key locations where work activities are primarily focused. These sites are listed below, including an indication of the type of activity that will take place throughout the week.

The main working dock is located adjacent to residential properties in one of the most populated areas in Australia. The majority of the wharfs are located along Cowper Wharf Road.

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