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HMAS Kuttabul

Located close to The Macleay Hotel, the HMAS Kuttabul is an establishment belonging to the Royal Australian Navy, which they use for providing accommodation, training, logistic and administrative support for naval personals from the Base East fleet, employed within Sydney. The HAMS Kuttabul accommodates many buildings in the Potts Point and adjoining Garden Island dockyard.

The HMAS Kuttabul has hosted a naval base since 1856. The naval base was named after the ship which belonged to Royal Australian Navy, in the name HMAS Kuttabul, which was bombed and sunk when the Japanese attacked the Sydney Harbor with submarines in 1942, along with 21 naval personals who were on board.

The HMAS Kuttabul hosts a Fleet Support Unit (FSU), which conducts maintenance on the submarines and ships belonging to the RAF. This is in addition to training sailors and naval personals for operations ashore and in the sea. Accommodations are provided to officers working at the Base East Fleet, as well as to those who are on short-term training programs.

Address: HMAS Kuttabul, Macleay Street, Potts Point, NSW

5 minutes walk from The Macleay...

Located on Macleay Street itself, the HMAS Kuttabul is just 5 minutes away from the Macleay Hotel. Ask from the help desk at the Macleay Hotel to help you plan your day.

Here are map directions to get from The Macleay Hotel to HMAS Kuttabul at Garden Island:

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