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State of Origin Accommodation in Sydney

State of Origin is a three game annual rugby series, played between the states of New South Wales (Blues) and Queensland (Maroons). The game is played under the 'state of origin' rules, meaning the set of rules from the state where the sport originated. It's a premium sports event in Australia, usually taken place in a full-house stadium. Over the years, the game series has formed the most skill-full and toughest rugby league players for Australia.

The State of Origin rugby series started in 1980. Since then the winning had been rotating between the two teams, with Queensland owning 22 titles and NSW 13. In the 2014 series, NSW won the series in the 2nd game, putting an end to the 8-year long victory by the Queensland team.

Each year, one of the states will get to host two home games, and the other game is hosted in a neutral place. When the State of Origin is played in a Sydney ground - usually in the Sydney Olympic Grounds, the entire city takes a festive look.

It's beautiful to be in Sydney, when the games are played, even if it's not a home game. Wide screens are put up in several places in the city, where the citizens and tourists gather to eat, drink, sing, dance and cheer their home teams. The music bands play loud music, while the views go crazy when the home team scores. A lot of NSW residents from outer-Sydney visit the city, especially to be a part of this celebrations.

The Macleay Hotel is a convenient and affordable place to stay, if you visit Sydney to watch the State of Origin games. The hotel staff can assist you with the game, arranging transport to take you to the stadium and back. We want you to enjoy the game while staying comfortably with us.

Here are directions to get to ANZ stadium where the Origin is played from The Macleay Hotel:

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