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Bridge Climb - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge climb"Experience the climb of a lifetime at Sydney Bridge Climb".

The elegant Sydney Harbour Bridge is the icon of Sydney. There no better way to experience this icon than to climb to the top of it. Sydney Bridge Climb is the top most exciting and adventurous experience one could get in Sydney, not to mention the fact that you will truly be enchanted by the view it offers. Opened in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an important landmark in Australia, both historically and architecturally. Standing 134m high, it's considered the world's tallest arc bridge made of steel.

The design of the bridge had been inspired by the Hell Gate Bridge in NY City, USA. As the name suggests itself, it's located across another famous landmark of Australia - the Sydney Harbour, connecting the northern suburbs of Sydney with the Sydney City Center. Hence it's an important piece of Sydney's transportation system, with more than 200,000 cars travelling across the bridge, every day.

Bridge climb is done under maximum safety and care, as each tourist group enrolled for the tour will be accompanied by an experienced, professional climb leader. It's very important that you listen to his instructions and advises during the climb. The guide will not only look after your safety, but will also tell you the wonderful story of the bridge. The entire tour will take around 3-5 hours. If you take your tour in the evening when the sun is ready to go down, when the golden rays of the sun wash over the entire city, the view from the top of the bridge would be even more spectacular. The bridge will give you a magnificent view of the harbour, Sydney Opera House and the Blue Mountains.

The bridge climb has to be pre-arranged with the Sydney Bridge Climb service. Daily, there are several tours to pick from, each departing at 10 minute intervals. Each tour will accommodate up to 14 people. There are 4 different climb packages that the travelers can pick from. They are:

  • Bridge Climb
  • Discovery Climb
  • Express Climb
  • Mandarin Climb

The price of a climb package vary between $200 - $350 (for adults) and $150 - $250 (for children), depending on the time of the climb and package inclusions. At the end of the tour, a souvenir photograph taken at the summit of the bridge will be given to each traveler.

The Address: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW, Australia

Hotel Accommodation Near the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Getting to Harbour Bridge from the Macleay Hotel is not difficult. You can either walk up to the bridge, or take a taxi. Harbour Bridge is located 6km to the North of the hotel, and can be reached within 9 minutes from leaving the hotel, via the Cross City Tunnel. Macleay Hotel staff will help you every way in possible in planning your bridge climb, giving directions and arranging transport.

Here is a map with directions to get to bridge from the hotel:

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